Using a small initial budget to experiment with advertising on Facebook, CosyRoof was able to penetrate new markets and increase leads by 40% with a 66% decrease in cost per conversion compared to other online marketing channels.

Their Story

In a relatively short period of time, CosyRoof have went from a small Northern Ireland company to the UK and Ireland’s leading conservatory roof replacement specialists where a solid tiled conservatory roof is now referred to as a CosyRoof.

Their Goal – Boosting Leads and Increasing Brand Awareness

CosyRoof decided to explore advertising on Facebook to increase leads and brand awareness amongst its target audience and to help them penetrate new markets were other marketing channels had not had the desired impact.

Their Solution

They started off with a small budget of just £10 per week promoting the CosyRoof Facebook page and website to people within the UK and Ireland who had an interest in DIY and home improvement. After experiencing early success and identifying a demand for the product on Facebook, CosyRoof created a Facebook strategy that aimed to increase both leads and awareness of the brand through utilisation of a number of Facebook advertising products. Spend was increased and promoted page, click to website, remarketing and promoted call to action button campaigns were created.

cosy roof conservatory

Their Success

Since CosyRoof began advertising on Facebook in August 2015, they have seen a 40% increase in leads with a 66% decrease in cost per conversion compared to other online marketing channels and have successfully penetrated the Jersey Island market which was a major milestone in the company’s expansion. The CosyRoof page now has over 1 million impressions per week and has had a 7000% increase in page likes since it began advertising on Facebook.

CosyRoof continue to advertise on Facebook where they are able to be forever present with current customers and reach new potential customers. 

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