The main aim of this course was to provide marketers and analysts with the core principles of digital analytics and to improve business performance through better digital measurement.

This was exciting news and once that was welcomed by agencies and individual learners from around the globe. What made it more exciting was that it was free.

Course highlights included –

  • An overview of today’s digital measurement landscape
  • Guidance on how to build an effective measurement plan
  • Best practices for collecting actionable data
  • Descriptions of key digital measurement concepts, terminology and analysis techniques
  • Deep-dives into Google Analytics reports with specific examples for evaluating your digital marketing performance

Candidates had to complete 6 units of learning followed by a final assessment, which wasn’t easy but we are pleased to announce that we passed.

This is great for us and our clients as it provides evidence of knowledge, skills and competency which is vital in an industry which saturated with professionals who are excellent talkers but don’t have the practical skills and therefore often under deliver.

The main advantage of this course was the learning resources; in particular the hangouts with my personal favourite being with Google’s very own Digital Marketing Evangelist Avinash Kaushik which focused on strategy. This was exciting as where else would you get access to someone who is the fountain of all Google knowledge without having to pay extortionate consultancy fees?

Now that the course is over we look forward to the announcement of the next unit. But until then we encourage you to stay in touch with the Google Analytics community on Google+ and check out the Google Analytics YouTube channel, where you can explore videos on additional topics outside the scope of this course.

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