Each consideration is as important as the last when it comes to ensuring ecommerce performance is the best it can be - SEO is one of those considerations, but its importance can often be overlooked.

Ensure you’re not overlooking what great SEO could do for you; download our whitepaper below to discover how to achieve SEO success with Episerver.

We’ve got 8 tips to boost your performance:

  • Information architecture & navigation for users and crawlers
  • Target long term success with category and sub-category pages
  • Customer focussed product pages
  • Product discovery can be your biggest barrier to revenue generation
  • Use custom sitemaps to measure indexing performance
  • Avoiding accidental duplicate content
  • The need for speed for users and crawlers
  • Making the optimal use of features like Episerver Find to maximise your internal site search

Dive in for the detail.

Download the full whitepaper

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