There is no longer any debate about the importance of mobile for faster business impact. Mobile commerce is rising, mobile search has overtaken desktop and mobile site speed is key to conversions. "If retailers don’t optimise their mobile presence they're missing a huge opportunity to drive global sales," says our Head Of Digital Strategy Katrina O'Hair. 

Made to Engage's expertise in Episerver and Microsoft Dynamics integrations helps retailers build the capabilities they need to deliver an engaging mobile experience. Have questions on how we can help you create a seamless omnichannel presence? Get in touch. 

Here, Katrina outlines best practices for retailers keen to optimise their mobile experience.  

ONE: Are you in the Thumb Zone?

At Made to Engage, we know the importance of making sure all major calls to action are in comfortable reaching distance for the user. Your user’s journey should be frictionless.  Buttons should span the width of the screen, and all CTAs should be easily accessible.  Make it as easy as possible for the user to hit that ‘Add to Cart’ button comfortably with their browsing thumb.


TWO: Site speed

53% of mobile users will click away if a web page doesn't load within three seconds, acccording to research by Google. Therefore, it's important to have a lean and efficient site.

Now more than ever site speed is important for mobile, as it can directly impact conversion rates and revenue while also impacting how pages perform in search.  This can be improved by compressing images and assets, only loading essential resources on the initial page load, and caching files that do not change frequently, as well as lots of other optimisation best practices.

THREE: Test and optimise

Do everything you can to reduce friction in the buying process.  The experience should make for a seamless, straightforward purchase.  Continuously optimising through tools like A/B testing and ensure elements such as CTAs, images, headlines are geared to maximising conversion rates.

FOUR: Personalise

As you can imagine, your audience is probably viewing the page on their mobile, at speed and on the go, so it is important to communicate clearly and inspire from the landing page. Customers expect to see relevant and targeted information. Made to Engage can provide you with the capabilities needed to deliver offers customised to individual users, based on how they have used the site before - for example, what they have viewed, purchased, or added to their basket. 

Purchasing habits change around Christmas time as customers are likely to be shopping for gifts.  Personalisation strategies can encourage browsing behaviour and lead to a boost in sales.

Check out your potential revenue boost from AI based personalisation with this tool from Episerver:

FIVE: Optimise your navigation

Your site navigation should provide a seamless but logical journey for users who wish to navigate your site via the menu.

While the primary function of your navigation is to deliver benefit to users, there are huge implications across search performance which can be directly influenced by a site’s navigation.

Your most important pages should be no more than three clicks from your homepage and use features like breadcrumbs to help users and search engines better understand your site hierarchy.

SIX: Offer up dynamic checkout flows

23% of users will abandon the shopping cart if they’re forced to register.   Ensure you have a guest checkout available. This means you can facilitate the order as quickly as possible.

Reducing the number of steps a customer needs to take to complete a purchase will significantly improve mobile conversion rates. For example, adding an accelerated payment CTA, supported by providers such as Apple Pay and Paypal, directly to the product page will allow the user to instantly purchase the current product.

Some examples of accelerated payment methods include Paypal and Apple Pay.

And finally, make Analytics your friend…use this to create actionable insights and learn what works well and what doesn’t. This will allow you to create an ongoing optimisation program that examines different elements of a page over time and ensures you are continually aiming to improve conversion rates.

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