With over 75 branches nationwide, permanent tsb were positioned to support their 1.1 million customers on the high street, but that service and experience was not reflected online.   

Permanent tsb chose Engage as its digital partner to create a new market-leading website which would meet and exceed the demanding expectations of online banking customers and most importantly – deliver business results. 

"Through integration of Episerver, Engage have given us a roadmap for continuous improvement to deliver better experiences for customers and better results for the business."

Our Approach

Permanent tsb chose Engage as its partner for this ambitious, technical project which had two key objectives in mind:

  • To deliver a market leading customer experience for all customers across desktop, tablet and mobile. By using research and data driven design techniques, we aimed to ensure ease of use for all customers. By coupling this with beautiful visuals, highly effective interaction design and our own mobile responsive framework we would deliver a luxurious aesthetic which would delight new and existing customers  alike, supporting the efficient self-service customers desired.
  • To provide a market leading digital marketing and content management platform which would lay foundations for the bank's ambitious customer engagement strategy in the coming years. By delivering marketing agility for permanent tsb's in house digital team, we knew we could drive quicker and better customer engagement and service.

What we delivered

An extensive user experience research and stakeholder engagement phase (in partnership with our UX Partner - Fathom) delivered some highly valuable insights into customer behaviours, preferences and highlighted opportunities to improve the experience. The Engage creative design team were challenged to bring the meticulously designed suite of wireframes to life, building on the brand guidelines which had evolved throughout the project. 

Episerver CMS was selected as Digital Marketing & CMS platform of choice due to its highly intuitive, flexible and modular layout control, capabilities for A/B testing, personalisation and integrations to CRM and social media channels.

The Numbers

The Numbers

Give Customers Value And You'll Get Value In Return


Increase in page views


Increase page views per session


Increase in conversion rate

What's in it for the customer?

Permanent tsb customers now have a website which is designed for them. It effectively facilitates the most important customer journeys seamlessly across all devices. They can use and access the permanent tsb website equally well across desktop and mobile. Branch and ATM finders with geo-location support on mobile also help for those rainy days on route to the bank.

With the addition of new money saving calculators, informative infographics and a new Help & Support section with self-service functions, users have more control and can take action quickly and independently.

And, as there is greater connectivity between web, cRM and call centre, customer support is better and continues to improve.


Why permanent tsb love it

The project and strategy was customer-centric but it has had significant increased internal staff benefits too.

Permanent tsb staff now have:

  • Complete autonomy to create highly engaging and multi-channel digital campaigns using a suite of content production and promotion features delivered through Episerver.
  • Collaborative tools which allow an experienced and distributed digital team to rapidly deploy beautiful content using Episerver's drag and drop interfaces, testing all the time across devices and channels.
  • All the control and governance which is necessary in the banking sector - with workflow, internal messaging, version control and audit facilities.
  • An understanding of what's working and what's not, continuously testing and optimising content and imagery, using Episerver's A/B testing and Self-Optimising blocks features.
  • Deep analytics using Google Analytics with Virtual Page View reporting .
  • The ability to deliver personalisation strategies based on customer behaviour and external factors such as time of day, ongoing campaigns etc.
  • A roadmap for continuous improvement and delivering better experiences for their customers, and results for the business.


So what's next?

This iteration of the site was launched in July 2016 but work continues to deliver new and improved features for customers, making the banking experience easier, more efficient and we hope pleasurable.

The next big thing for permanent tsb is to look at sales automation and allowing customers to take products and transact on a sales level remotely. They are looking to use Episerver and the continued strategic partnership with Engage to build secure document uploading to support many of the banking products.