Creating A Market Leader

Working in collaboration with CosyRoof since 2013 we needed to communicate their unique offering and tell people why upgrading a conservatory roof matters!

Our market research showed us that people with conservatories don't get to use them all year round, as in winter they are too cold and in summer too hot. This problem led to the creation of the CosyRoof.

Laying the foundations:

We collaborated with CosyRoof to do the following:

  • Identify target audiences and analyse their behaviours
  • Identify new markets that could benefit from the product
  • Use Google Adwords to create targeted campaigns designed for brand awareness as well as those looking for similar services
  • Remarketed to previous website visitors to engage and persuade them at various stages of the buying cycle
  • Match online marketing campaigns with offline advertising to ensure maximum visibility and a consistent experience

What happened next

  • High volumes of quality traffic continuing to grow on average by 16% each month
  • Using customer and adwords data to create advanced conversion focussed strategies
  • Google Adwords generates 21% of CosyRoof traffic & 51% of all website leads
  • Remarketing resulted in 16% increase in leads