From the ground up.

Travel Department is one of Europe’s leading escorted holiday companies.  Established for over 20 years they are recognized as a leader in global escorted tours from UK and Ireland, with revenues of €25m+.

Engage has worked with Travel Department since 2013, initially to completely re-envisage their online and email marketing strategy. Travel Department had historically focused upon a specific socio-demographic and primarily focused in Ireland. Research demonstrated significant opportunities in new geographic and demographic segments including growth in Northern Ireland and UK markets.

The challenge we jointly approached with the Travel Department marketing team was to attract and service these new markets, whilst investing in customer engagement and serice strategies which would reward and excel the expectations of the existing, highly valued and loyal customer base.

"We were delighted to see conversion to checkout increasing by over 300% and conversion to booking up almost 50%!"

The Solution

The new Travel Department website, integrates Episerver CMS, Commerce and Community with Copernica automated marketing platform to deliver an outstanding, content rich and multi-channel travel booking experience. We've helped Travel Department achieve greater digital marketing success with this highly flexible and powerful digital marketing platform which enables them to:

  • Drive online visibility and engagement with campaign landing pages for key destinations, holiday types and departure points
  • Rapidly deliver secondary websites and email marketing strategies to support media partners in print and radio
  • Drive customer engagement through customer segmentation and personalisation strategies
  • Seamlessly blending published content such as destination guides, blogs, subject matter expert editorial with inventory to support customer research and inversely to create high value search content which attracts new customers. 

In addition to this, the delivered solution is tightly integrated with Travel Department's custom inventory, bookings and customer service system to support:

  • Real time synchronisation of holiday product information, stock and availability to Episerver Commerce
  • Merchandising of package information in Episerver Commerce & CMS
  • Synchronisation of packages, departures, customers, orders and payments
  • Transactional emails, customer onboarding, pre-departure and welcome home campaigns