Can you build trust with your members?

Law Society Ireland recognised the need to keep evolving.

We began a four-year strategy with Law Society Ireland in 2014, with a view to providing their members with an even better service.

"The online user journey needed to reflect the commitment to their members, with a new mission, vision and values."

What We Did

We set about improving internal digital marketing procedures and establishing more about the target users;

  • Integrating an Episerver CMS with the existing customer database
  • Customer workshops to identify goals, wants and needs of members
  • Build user journeys that make each visitor feel like an individual
  • Empowering members to login and manage their details themselves
  • Defined content for each website user group giving clear focus for the content marketing strategy

Engaging more members for longer

Members can now login and manage membership subscriptions, publication sales, certifications, exams and other Ecommerce offerings. The new user interface provides simplified and personalised user journeys while enabling the visitor to navigate easily to considerable amounts of information.

Data stored in the CRM allows the website to serve relevant, up to date content to each user, making them feel like an individual.

What happened next                                                                                                

  • Increased member satisfaction
  • Increase in relevant visitors
  • More product sales