The tools for global expansion

Have you heard? Mobile bulk material handling systems are in popular demand, especially when designed, manufactured and installed by an experienced company like Telestack.

We just needed to help them start telling the right story – to the World.

We were confident that with the best technology and marketing strategy, we could demonstrate;

  • Increased leads from the website across multiple devices
  • Capture and use of email data to drive sales
  • Integrate a product management system that saved the business overhead costs
  • Automated email marketing & lead nurture
"By empowering the Telestack team to manage content and campaigns across channels, visualise customer data, generate, nurture and convert sales leads, we helped streamline the business with more efficient sales activity and better customer service in less time."

The technical bit

We developed a new Telestack website using Episerver CMS and digital marketing suite. This was integrated with the Capsule CRM customer database allowing the internal team to easily manage product information on the website based on stock levels, website content and customer preferences, increasing opportunities to cross-sell. The internal team can now do it all, from one dashboard.


Total Business Transformation

Internal business processes have become simpler and easier to manage, including;

  • Easy management of website information
  • Manage sales pipelines and internal workflows
  • Generate customer reports for internal use
  • More customer queries generated via the website
  • Ability to Generate proposals to improve business processes
  • 54% increase in database subscribers in first year
  • Fully integrated CMS, CRM and automated marketing system
  • Site speed improved by 36% which in turn had a direct impact on bounce rate which improved overall on the site by 7%
  • 35% increase in mobile traffic since site made mobile responsive with mobile traffic spending longer on site, visiting more pages and completing 6% of leads.

And website visitors started taking note...

  • Personalised user journeys based on interest and previous activity
  • Aesthetically pleasing, well designed website across all devices
  • Admin tasks like submitting warranty information is a breeze

In the months after the launch, the website had 25% more page views. And with all that customer data, global domination (of material bulk handling) is just around the corner.