Seamless Offline Integration

If much of what your business does offline, can be brought online, saving time, overheads and providing a better service to customers. Why wouldn’t you do it?

Fortunately, Chartered Accountants Ireland have always been a forward thinking organisation and were one of the first in Ireland to implement an Enterprise Episerver Commerce platform.

"This Episerver project has seen a growth in how members, students and public users interact with CAI."

How We Did It

We worked together to streamline the organisation’s customer service process by bringing many of the offline services online. We also needed to provide easy ways for members to book courses, events and memberships, to ensure that sign-ups for each continued to grow. 

Members now get:

  • Self-service mechanisms like booking courses or making payments
  • Engaging content – easily managed by the internal team
  • Smooth user journeys across any device
The numbers

The numbers

Giving offline services a digital makeover had a significant impact


Website visits increase


Page views increase


Bounce rate decrease

What happened next

More engagement, more visits from members, students and public users interact with CAI.

Most significantly, it’s a web presence like no other in the industry!