What's it all about?

The steps challenge is a 4 week challenge to not only get you out and walking with (or without) your team mates, you also have the chance to WIN some prizes.

It’s a fun and easy way for you to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, plus you’re helping the environment by improving your carbon footprint and ditching the car or bus and walking to work.


 What you need to do: 

1. Register your individual interest by 1pm Friday 18 May via the link below. It’s just £4 to take part and all proceeds will go to MENCAP 

2. Once you've registered we'll follow up with more details on the app to use to record your steps & join the group

3. Walk, walk, walk…. 

4. Watch the leader board and see where you sit – the most steps WINS! We will also award individuals with the best step count too each week.

I accept the challenge, sign me up!





- This challenge relies on complete honesty so please act in good faith.

- Only steps registered on the pedometer should be recorded as this is a step challenge. Please do not use conversion tables for cycling, swimming etc.

- Team captains will collate the steps for their teams each Friday by 3pm and submit via email (details and links to follow weekly)

- Individual participants must also submit their step count each Friday by 3pm via email (details and links to follow weekly)

- Pedometers can be worn throughout the duration of the four weeks including evenings and weekends

 - Pedometers should be reset each Friday once the total for the week has been recorded

- The pedometer should not be used if going swimming. The pedometer can be worn when cycling, jogging, playing football and doing other physical activities

- If someone forgets to record their number of steps, the average number of steps taken by that person can be added to your team total for that week

- Other devices can be used to record steps, such as personal Fitbits/Mobiles etc. as the branded pedometer provided may not be as accurate as your own personal device.

- Choose comfortable, supportive shoes such as running, walking or cross-training shoes

 - If you’re going for a longer walk, warm up with stretching exercises and include a cool-down period to reduce stress on your heart and muscles

- Maintain a brisk pace. You should work hard to keep up your pace, but still be able to talk while walking

- Practice correct posture – head upright, arms bent at the elbow and swinging as you stride

- Drink plenty of water before, during and after walking 14x14x2 Tell others if you’re walking alone

- Walk in well-lit areas where it is fairly busy (streets and parks)

- Be careful of traffic

- Wear reflective clothing in the dark