Meet Joanne Cuffey - our technical pre-sales expert

What do you do at Engage?

My official title is Technical Pre-sales, which basically involves building dedicated demo solutions for our clients/prospective clients so they can see the what we can do for them using Episerver in a more personalised way. I’m also essentially part of the dev team, working on projects when there are no demos on the go.

First Impression of the business?

It’s a really exciting place to work, with loads of talented people and a bright future ahead. Very chill office vibes and the team is good craic as well.

How did you get the job?

Funnily enough I actually applied for Dermot’s role (tech support), but seemingly during the interview process the guys came up with a different plan for me. I then wowed the Stevie’s with a demo of my final year project and here I am.

Any tips for other graduates on getting their first role in the industry?

My advice is to keep an open mind and really think about what you enjoy doing, as the right role isn’t always obvious at first. In my experience it was important not to jump at the first vaguely degree related position, even though it took a while, to find a job and a company I was really excited about. I have a lot of friends who may have got jobs sooner than me, but aren’t enjoying them as much as I am.

What will you bring to the team?

A very dry sense of humour. Also my bartending skills for when we inevitably transform the kitchen into a fully stocked bar.

Favourite youtube video?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An aerospace engineer like my dad. Close enough.

Favourite social media channel?

Is Pokémon Go a social media channel?

Is there anything people should know about you?

I had my heart set on studying Spanish and Portuguese at university before I took a gap year and went down the computing route. Like I said, always keep an open mind.