Hi, how are you?

Moving fast, being agile, progressive and learning quickly from your customers is the only way to create amazing online experiences.


ENConference is like a conference, but better, as it requires input from you!

Rather than be talked at like a regular conference, Engage wants to make you and your ideas for the company the centre point of this event. The aim is to give you the opportunity to bring your thoughts to the team and encourage discussion on a topic you feel strongly about, why you think it's important, and how we could implement it into the company.

WHEN: Thursday 6 April, 12noon - 5.30pm              




We will ask you to attend and/or lead a discussion on the day in a series of breakout sessions. Don't panic, it's not a formal presentation we're asking for, but to simply lead a conversation with your like minded peers. To help guide you in the discussion please see some broad topics below. You don't need to choose from them all, just the ones that interest you most...

Topics for discussion - you decide...

Who we work with

We've a great range of clients currently, but do you have an idea of other clients we should be targeting, or that you would like to work with? Maybe you have an idea about how we could interact with our customers better, or how we could introduce better customer engagement strategies?

What we do

We're all familiar with what Engage do, but how can we expand our portfolio, do you have an idea for a project you would like to work on or have you seen other companies do something you feel Engage could also do?



Company Culture

We spend the majority of our days with our colleagues, so how can we make this time the best it can be? Could we communicate in a better way? Do we have too many channels for communication? What about the environment, is the work space a place you enjoy or what could we introduce to make it better. Maybe you have ideas on social activities we could all partake in over the course of the year?

Looking to the Future

So what's next... VR, AI, cyborgs, wearable technology... all touted as the next 'big things' in technology – should we be considering these in how they might play a part in future projects for our clients?

Choose your topic...