Episerver Exam - Section 3


41. The following site is available in English and German (de) languages.  A fallback has been setup to show English pages if the German version does not exist.  Looking at the setup below what will a visitor see if they go to http://www.domain.com/en/Nachrichten?




42. What class must your application’s global.asax start-up inherit from in order for routes to be registered?


43. How can this block controller be simplified?


[TemplateDescriptor(Inherited = false)]

    public class TeaserBlockController : BlockController<TeaserBlock>


        public override ActionResult Index(TeaserBlock currentBlock)


            return PartialView(currentBlock);





44. Why should you use the Episerver CacheManager in code over the ASP.NET CacheManager?


45. List 2 examples of how performance could be improved on an Episerver site?



46. When going to schedule a publish date or choosing a date property it is shown in the US date format. How do you modify this to show in the GB format?



47. What is the correct way to set the content area MainContentArea to display blocks automatically in the Wide display option?



48. The Template Coordinator has the following definition:


viewTemplateModelRegistrator.Add(typeof(ContactPage), new TemplateModel


                Name = "ContactPagePartialWide",

                Tags = new[] { Global.ContentAreaTags.TwoThirdsWidth} ,

                Path = "~/Views/ContactPage/ContactPageWide.cshtml"



What needs to be added to prevent this from firing for other display options?


49. What two options can you use to set up the endpoints for remote events?


50. What is the earliest version of Episerver CMS that supports Episerver Forms?


51. Where are Episerver Forms definitions stored?


52. Which of these is NOT a content event?


53. Why would you create an initialisation module?


54. You are not viewing error messages in detail on your website. What must you change in order to get a detailed error message?


55. What two things are incorrect with the following code example?


IContentRepository repository = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IContentRepository>();

    var myNewBlock = repository.GetDefault<EditorialBlock>(ContentReference.GlobalBlockFolder);

    myNewBlock.MainBody = new XhtmlString("<p>Hello World!</p>");

    ContentReference blockRef = contentRepository.Save(myNewBlock, DataAccess.SaveAction.Publish);



56. What is the correct call to determine the available languages for a page? 



57. Content providers can have the following capabilities depending on configuration 


58. Select two methods that will increase the security of the CMS



59. Scheduled jobs in Episerver must conform to the following in order to run and be added to the CMS admin UI



60. A customer requirement is to have data from another SQL Server database available within Episerver CMS as content pages. What is the best method for integrating this data to display these pages?


61. What is the correct call to DDS to create a store for the custom .net class SearchSettings using a variable storeName for the data store name?