Episerver Exam - Section 2


21. The selection factory CityNamesSelectionFactory can be used to select a predefined city. Which of the following examples is correct if you want to be able to pick a city name? 



22. How can you determine when the CMS Editor is currently editing a page?


23. Which following Dojo JavaScript library would you use to build widgets or plug-ins?


24. What would you create if you wanted a custom editor for all instances of the Link Item Collection?


25. What users are able to participate in Projects?


26. How do you disable Projects?


27. What class do you require to be able to save projects programmatically?


28. The following approval sequence exists.



The customer would like to add a group “German Editors” to review marketing content in the German language. How can this best be achieved? 



29. When a content approval is rejected, the content item is transitioned to status Rejected. What status is a transition to when the content approval is approved?


30. You want to create a custom icon for your ArticlePage page type in the site navigation. What do you need to do to achieve this?


31. The types Article Page and Product Page both inherit from Standard Page. Using the definition below what page types can be created under a Contact Page?


[[AvailableContentTypes(Include =  new []{ typeof(ArticlePage), typeof(LandingPage), typeof(ContactPage)}, Exclude = new []{ typeof(StandardPage) })]   

 public class ContactPage : PageData



32. What are Edit descriptors used for?


33. When moving a page what happens to the URL of child pages?


34. When translating a page certain properties cannot be edited and contain the values from the master language. Why is this?


35. What Page Data property does the UI setting “Display in navigation" correspond to?


36. You require a virtual folder named “Export” that will map to a physical folder in the location of App_Data/Export.  How should this be configured to work with Episerver?



37. Were do you get updates to the Episerver CMS from?


38. What is the default backing type for a string?


39. Choose two differences between shared blocks and local blocks.



40. You have a custom .net object that should be edited, versioned and stored within the Episerver database. What do you need to do to your custom class?