Episerver Exam - Section 1


1. You have a page type called NewsPage, in the MVC Controller that handles this page type what do you need to do in the Index method to get the current instance of the NewsPage object?


2. What is the name of the property that holds the current object instance in the Index method of the controller for the type Media Data? 


3. What do you need to add to the template descriptor below for previewing blocks to enable it to work for editors?



                Inherited = true,

                Tags = new[] { RenderingTags.Preview, RenderingTags.Edit })]


                 public class BlockPreviewController : ActionControllerBase,




4. You want to override the way a LinkItemCollection is rendered. How do you go about this? 


5. Select 2 ways in which you can validate a property called Title to ensure it is added by the editor for the Carousel Block?



6. What type of validation is NOT something you can attribute to a property? 


7. You want to be able to validate several properties on a page type when it is being edited. What is the best way to do this?



8. Where are two places that you can set default values for your block type?



9. Why is it preferable to use the interface IContentRepository rather than Data Factory?


10. The following editor descriptor is configured.


[EditorDescriptorRegistration(TargetType = typeof(String[]), UIHint = Global.SiteUIHints.Strings)]

            public class StringListEditorDescriptor : EditorDescriptor




How do you ensure this particular editor is called for a property?


11. Choose 2 options below there are a valid KPIs for an A/B test.



12. When using the Site Stickiness KPI with a timeout period of 60 minutes, which of the following statements is true for this scenario.  

A visitor closes their browser after landing on the A/B test page. 20 minutes later they come back to the page and then click through to another page on the website.


13. When using the Time on Page KPI you want to set the period of time to be two minutes. What is the correct value you must set?


14. What attribute and interface must your custom KPI class apply?


15. Is it possible for your A/B test to be automatically published?


16. Which of these is NOT a standard Episerver property type?


17. How would you prevent editors from being able to access this property so only Admins can update this?


[Display(GroupName = Global.GroupNames.MetaData,

            Order = 400)]


public virtual bool DisableIndexing { get; set; }



18. The CarouselBlock contains a property called NumberOfSlides.


In the CMS admin the default is set to 3.

A change is made to the CarouselBlock in code and the SetDefaultValues() method now sets
NumberOfSlides = 5.


What will the default value be for NumberOfSlides on a new instance of the CarouselBlock.


19. You develop a custom Tiny MCE Setting called SimpleTinyMCESetting, which is not set to default. You only want this setting to be applied to a particular property called Sidebar on the ArticlePage type. Select 2 ways you can set this.



20. Where can you find the Episerver bugs list?